The New Offering Of Launcher Apps With The Android Phone

In the very fluid situation that apps are undergoing in use with smart phones and in particular with the android phones, it is hardly surprising that newer ones are being launched each day.  With each new launch, it is that more advanced features are being offered that seeks to better the performance of previous apps and previous versions as well.

The smart phone field is one that is characterized by the changes that get to occur by the day and often a whole year simply is out of most developers’ time frame for the changes that could occur in this said period.

Atom Launcher

The one defining aspect of this app launcher is the possibility that themes can be made to order so to speak.  This is done by taking customizations to a high level that there is really nothing left of the original theme.  From being just a fad, the launcher can bring in a smoother phone user experience as well as a quality on offer that would take a good effort to surpass.  The launcher is for the best part a free app but the premium user need not pay such a high price for the service at all.

Evie Launcher

One of the lightest of launcher apps, the Evie Launcher is rather agile enough to offer a smooth working that is rarely possible for a free offering to the user.  It offers a fair bit of support to even the diehard user who would want to bring in still more features to his use.  Quick to load, there is only a single service version and that is the free offering from the developer.  The launcher would seek to be supported by the folks behind the venture for some time into the future.