Common Misconceptions about Slavery around the World

Since slavery is a sensitive topic, not a lot of people are willing to talk about it. Due to this reason, there are a lot of doubts around the topic. This has led to many misconceptions and myths about the slave trade. Since this is an important topic that we must all be aware about, it is essential for us to know what is true and what it is not. In this case, here are some common misconceptions about slavery you need to debunk.

They are controlled by Criminal Gangs

Some yes, but not all of them. Criminal gangs usually tend to exploit people in order to get forced labor. They are also highly involved with human trafficking. Slavery, on the other hand, is enforced upon not only the individual but on his or her entire family too. This kind of act is not merely run by criminals, but rather through larger and more powerful groups.

Anyone Can Become a Slave

Individuals who are most susceptible to become a slave are poor immigrants. Since they have nowhere else to go, they become slaves. If you read the Jonathan Brown slavery article states that is universally wrong to have absolute domination over another individual. He states that it is wrong today and it will be wrong in any other space or time. In this case, regardless of the circumstances of the person, selling a person to slave trade can never be justified.

There is Constant Physical Violence

What we have learned from history books has influenced us to believe that slaves are constantly beaten, raped and tortured. However, must fail to understand that majority of this abuse is psychological. These individuals are not bound or gagged. They are allowed to roam around. However, they have threatened to a level which prevents these people from even taking a walk.

Furthermore, even though we think that there are plenty of organizations to help these people out; it is not the real case. It takes months, even years, for these refugees and immigrants to get proper medical and health care. Therefore, it is important to raise proper awareness about this situation, which is very real.

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