Everything You Need to Know About Lab Coats

Lab coats or White coats are worn by professionals of the medical field and laboratory workers. Lab coat serves as a means of protection for the workers and is also seen as a kind of uniform. Lab coats are made from different kinds of garments such as cotton, cotton-linen mix or cotton-polyester mix. Lab coats get are used on a regular basis and are observed as a compulsory wear in hospitals and laboratories. The coat gets exposure to contaminants and harmful substances. Therefore, the material of the lab coat should be such that the coat can be washed frequently.

In the laboratory, the coats protect the clothes and the user against harmful chemical spills such as acids which may burn the skin. Just as laboratory gloves, laboratory lab coats are also usually made of high quality absorbent material to ensure workers protection. Laboratory lab coats also have long sleeves as compared to others.

Lab coats come in slightly different designs, some lab coats have elastics or buttons to closely fit the coat around the wrists. Close fitting around the wrists is an important feature in the design. If the sleeves are baggy or long hanging, then they get into acid containers and be a source of danger. Lab coats with short sleeves also exist but are used in less sensitive environments where greater protection is not required.

Lab coats not only add professionalism into your look but are also extremely important for safety. The professional must observe care to use them, they should not be worn outside the medical setting or else the coats would themselves become a source of contamination.

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