Tips for Creating a Carnival in Your Garden

The carnival probably comes to your neck of the woods quite infrequently. If you, and your kids, can’t wait so long though, there is good news for you – you can just start your own. Even better, you can do this in your very own garden. Sure, it will take a little bit of planning and effort but you will be blown away by the results. Here are a few of the things that you can include:

When your heart say’s one thing, but you know you should be thinking outside of the box, however your brain freezes! What do you think to be done in those situations? To be honest I cant think of a thing, at the moment and that really scares me.

Create the Right Atmosphere

One of the great things about a carnival is the feeling that you get as you walk through the fair grounds. This is why it is important to turn your garden into a real-life event. Use balloons, homemade signs, curtains and shawls to completely change the look and feel of the garden. It will make it much easier for everyone to get into the mood. Go the extra mile with handmade ‘tickets’ that you can hand out to everyone.

Set up Fun Activities

At a carnival, you are rarely at a loss for things to do. Even though you may not have space or the budget to manage this, there is still a lot you can set up. Most of the activities are fairly simple from shooting down targets with water guns to a bean toss. All of the competitions should hand out tickets to the ‘winners’ so that they can keep collecting these. At the end, give the kids small trinkets in exchange for the tickets. If you really want to make it special, you should think about a bouncy castle hire Cambridge. Then it will definitely feel like a real carnival and also ensure that everyone will be properly entertained.

Construct Food Stands

What is a carnival without carnival food? Decorate a couple of small tables to make them look like actual food carts, complete with signs. Have each ‘stand’ serve certain types of carnival food like candy floss, popcorn, hot dogs, and other treats. If you can serve them in similar cone shaped containers, all the better.

These are some of the ideas you can use to recreate your own carnival in your garden.

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